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The new ARO website is very informative and has all the latest news on races, results, courses, owners, horses and trainers.

The Arabian Racing Organisation (ARO) controls Arabian racing in the UK. Meetings are under Jockey Club Regulations for Arabian Horse Racing and are held at some of the top racecourses in the country.

Flat races for Arabs are between 6 furlongs and 2 miles and the horses are rated on ability. Banded races are for those rated 50 and below. Horses carry specific weights in accordance with their rating and the conditions of the race. The Arabian Racing Calendar publishes specific weights and conditions for each race held.

The majority of the meetings consist of between 6 and 8 races on the card of which one will usually be an open race for Anglos, Part Breds and Thoroughbreds. These meetings are restricted to amateur riders. Dubai Day is an international meeting for both professional and amateur riders and is usually held at Newbury Racecourse. There are also Showcase Handicap and Group Races which are held at Thoroughbred meetings and are open to professional riders.

Horses eligible for Arabian racing fall into 3 categories:

1. Pure Bred Arabians

2. Anglo and Part Bred Arabians (minimum 12.5% Arab blood)

3. Thoroughbreds (new for 2006 and with restricted eligibility)

All horses have to be registered in their relevant Stud Book, be parentage verified and hold a current passport issued by the Stud Book. All horses must be fully vaccinated.


Anyone who does not hold a Jockey Club Licence to train, but including Permit Holders, can apply for an ARO Trainers Licence. They are able to train horses owned by themselves and others. Holders of a Jockey Club Licence can only train horses owned by themselves, their spouse or direct relatives.


Anyone who does not hold a professional riders licence can apply for an ARO Riders Licence. Those who have not previously race ridden or have limited experience will be required to pass a Rider Assessment and if necessary attend a one day seminar at either the British Racing School or the Northern Racing College. 

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